Environmentalists Embark on Move to Restore Mbarara Wetlands

By Jonan Beine


Environmentalists in Mbarara district have embarked on a campaign to restore wetlands in the area.

Most of the affected wetlands are those that drain their water into river Rwizi which is the lifeline of millions of people in southwestern Uganda.

On Monday, the activists in conjunction with district environment department descended on crop gardens that had been planted in wetlands of Kakiika division were on Monday cut down in a move to restore wetlands in Mbarara Municipality.

The destroyed gardens were planted in wetlands that drain their waters into river Rwizi which is the lifeline of millions of people in western and central Uganda.

The crops were cut down by a group of environmentalists from Active citizens Uganda in partnership with the National environmental management authorities – NEMA and police.

Prisoner clear a maize garden

David Nuwagaba the senior environmental office Mbarara district says they have cleared all the items that were planted in wetlands to enable them regenerate.

He says that the activities are responsible for the ever reducing water levels in river Rwizi.

Plantations that were planted in the wetlands of Kangorogoro, Kabingo and Kitabwa all in Kakiika division Mbarara municipality.

Several Banana plantations, sugar cane plantations, beans, and tomatoes, sweet potatoes were razed down.

The locals were reportedly issued with several warnings in the but refused to take heed to the advice from the environmentalists.

Polly Muyambi the chairperson Active Citizens Uganda a community based organization in Mbarara appealed to the government to move in and embrace serious measures to restore degraded wetlands.

ASP Ivan Mukhone the officer in charge of   environmental protection police southwestern says that police is willing to give the necessary support to ensure that wetlands are restored.





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