Two women arrested for allegedly assaulting husbands

By Jean Ndahimana


Two women were arrested separately in Kigali on Monday for allegedly assaulting and injuring their husbands.

In one incident which happened in Izuba Village of Rukiri Cell in Remera sector, Gasabo District, one Claudine Yanfashije, 25, allegedly attacked her husband with a knife and stabbed him multiple times, accusing him of infidelity.

“Police was alerted by residents about a reported violent domestic conflict, police officers were dispatched to the scene where they immediately rescued the victim and took him to the hospital, and arrested the suspect for aggrevated assault,” said Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu, the Central region Police spokesperson.

In a related development, Police in Kigarama sector of Kicukiro District is also holding one Marie Uwase, who also assaulted her husband with a knife.

The violent attack also ensured out of domestic disagreement, Police said.

Supt. Hitayezu warned against self-administered justice, which amounts to criminal offence, which can be prevented by leaving law enforcement and the justice system to handle the matters.

He also appealed to the public to always report such domestic conflicts in time through Rwanda National Police communication channels such as toll-free lines; 3512 (GBV), 3029 (Isange One Stop Centre) and 112 for emergency, to prevent or respond in time.

Aggravated assault and battery under article 148 of the penal code, is punishable with a term of imprisonment of six months to two years, and a fine ranging between Rwf100, 000 and Rwf500, 000, or one of these penalties.


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