Muntuyera Suspends 81 Students over Age Limit Clashes  


At least 81 students of Muntuyera high school Kitunga in Ntungamo district  have been sent home following clashes between S.4 and S.5 students that culminated from a discussion on lifting of the age limit of the president from the constitution.



According to Stephen Atuhaire, the school head teacher, the school administration had to take a tough decision to send the students home in a bid to calm down the flaring tempers at the school.


Atuhaire says that the discussions on the age limit among the students at the school have been going on in the school dormitories since Friday last week with rival groups forming up among students.


It was after this that fights erupted between rival groups and that minor clashes have always been reported in the school up when the groups became bigger and bigger.


On Tuesday night a senior four student was attacked by members of senior five prompting more other students to get involved throwing the school into confusion.


Senior four students were forced to retaliate to retaliate and attacked the students of senior five leaving over six students injured.


On Wednesday, senior five students held a meeting outside the school premises as they planned to revenge against those of senior four.


Atuhaire says that the school administration has taken a decision to send away all the senior five students to enable those of senior four students to complete their exams.


Politics are always part of the student’s discussions at the school with most of the students boosting of having opposition leader Gen Mugisha Muntu as their  old student.


Muntuyera High school was named after Mugisha Muntu’s father Muntuyera who donated a big portion of his land to the school.


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