Non-functional protected springs irks local leaders

Local leaders in Bubaare sub county, Rubanda district are demanding for the intervention of district authorities to rehabilitate non-functional protected springs in the area.

Leaders raised the concern on Friday during the sub county budget conference, which was held at the sub county headquarters. Leaders led by, the sub county councilor representing Bushuura parish, Kenneth Mujunante, said that protected springs that include; Rukore in Bushuura parish, Rwatate in Kagarama Parish, Nyaruziba ,Bukombe, Biina and Kashaki in Nyamiyaga parish are no longer functioning, an issue that has led to an increase of water scarcity.

In his response, the Bubaare Sub County Chairperson, Pius Tumwiine said that the sub county is ready to rehabilitate a few protected springs due to insufficient funds. He however promised to forward the matter to the district for assistance.

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