ACCT Guild President, Speaker Lose Offices Over Indiscipline

By Richard Akandwanaho



The guild president, speaker and deputy speaker of African College of Commerce and Technology in Kabale municipality have been ordered to hand over offices and forced to resign immediately due to indiscipline.


The impeached college leaders are the guild president Dan Ndinawe, Nicholas Bamwine the college’s speaker and Bernet Niwamanya the deputy speaker.



In a letter dated 6th November 2017 of which our reporter has a copy, addressed to the above three Guild Representatives to Council, the guild president, speaker and his deputy, signed by the college’s Dean of students Benon Mugisha, the trio are ordered to handle over with effect all instruments of power acquired during their swearing session, to the College’s vice president Peruth Namukasa mean while the college’s administration prepares to elect their replacements.



On 17th October 2017, Dan Ndinawe, the Guild president African College of Commerce and Technology –ACCT was suspended after the college disciplinary committee allegedly found him guilty of trespassing into Girls hostels which violates section B, sub section 3(e)of the college rules and regulations that stops students from visiting hostels of members of the opposite sex.


Ndinawe was also accused for inappropriate behaviours such as  obtaining money by false pretence, drunkenness among others.


According to the college’s dean of Students Benon Mugisha, the speaker and his deputy are also accused of the similar   cases of indiscipline as the guild president which he says are a bad examples to the rest of the students at the college.


He says that the behaviour of the leaders is un acceptable and cannot be tolerated.



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