Health Minister Blames Doctors Strike on Salary Disparities

By Recheal Nakassi


The minister of health Dr.Jane Aceng has blamed disparities among civil servants for being responsible for the Doctors strike.

She says that the differences between what is being fueled by the disparities in payment of public servants.
While appearing before the health committee chaired by Bukuya county Mp Dr.Micheal Bukenya to explain why they have failed to resolve the Doctors problems related to poor working conditions, Aceng said that the payment disparities to public servants is making it difficult for the ministry of health to convince doctors to return to their work.
She said that the doctors think that government has money and is not willing to pay since other officers are highly paid citing the 13 billion shillings paid to MPS for consultation on age limit.
Aceng said that the doctor’s strike has not affected all health facilities, saying some are still functional and the ministry is continuing to push for negotiations to stop this strike which is affecting the health service delivery.
The chairperson of the health committee of parliament Dr.Mcheal Bukenya appeals to Doctors to return to their respective health centers as the salary review committee established by the president completes its report to be ready in two week’s time.

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