Bamugemereire’s Commission Records over 200 Complaints from Ankole

Jonan Beine
The Land Commission led by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire has registered a total of 230 complaints related to illegal acquisition of land from Ankole region.
The commission ended its long week public hearings in Mbarara at Ntare School where queries from the Ankole region were being handled.
According to justice Bamugemerire, 30% of the complainants were females, 45% males and 25 %were from other categories of people.
Bamugemerire notes that the commission is going to follow all complaints they registered and make reports about them.

She also warned people who are using disputed properties to stop immediately.
Bamugemereire further reveals that her commission is concerned by cases of intimidation and torture of people who are supposed to be witness in the inquiry and promised to deal with those behind the acts.

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