Fr.Gaetano to Refrain From Local Council Elections

By APN Reporter


Kitanga outspoken Parish priest Rev. Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda has revealed that he will not participate in the forth coming local council elections.

The man of God told our reporter at his office in Kitanga today afternoon that the mode of voting for the local council one election where by the voters will be required queue behind respective candidates is backward and will instead result into confusion among Ugandans.

Gaetano says that the elections slated for November 21st, 2017 are an indication that the country’s top leadership is not bothered about the state of affairs at the lower levels of leadership. The man of God adds that the government has resorted to peddling lies that the government cannot afford secret Ballot elections and instead spend money on compromising Ugandans to embrace the age limit bill.
Gaetano says that he will not participate in the voting exercise which does not give Ugandans a chance to choose leaders of their choice without other people knowing who he/she voted or refused to vote.
Gaetano says that the locals should have instead been allowed to improvise voting materials but at least have a secret ballot.

Gaetano becomes the second religious leaders to openly express dissatisfaction with the Mode of voting, Way back in September 2017, Ankole Diocesan Bishop Rt.Dr.Sheldon Mwesigwa revealed that the mode of voting threatens to confuse people and breed hatred.

Mwesigwa revealed that he will not be participating in the elections.

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