Police in Kabale Arrests two for faking their own kidnap


By APN Reporter

Police in Kabale district is holding a 26 year old man on suspicion of faking his own kidnap and trying to extort 4 million shillings from his parents. The suspect is, Victor Twinamasiko a resident of Katooma cell Mwendo parish Kitumba Sub County Kabale district.

According to the Kigezi region police spokesperson, Elly Maate police, the suspect is alleged to have used an unknown phone number to call his parents and dupe them that he had been kidnapped and taken to an unknown place in Kampala and his kidnappers were demanding for 4million shillings. This followed his disappearance on 30th of October this year.

Maate adds that when the suspect’s parents reported a case of a missing person, the police started locating the signal of the phone that he was using, only to find him in Karengyere of Muko Sub County in Rubanda district. He was arrested together with his friend Pretazio Twinomujuni aged 25 years, a resident of Rweeza cell in Butare parish of Muko Sub County, who was accommodating him.

Maate has condemned the act and described it as unfortunate, saying that the suspects shall be presented to court to answer the charges accordingly.

On interrogation, Twinamasiko said that he was forced to dupe his parents because he had personal problems for which he needed the money.


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