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By Unicent Mubangyizi


Ibanda Central Market traders have faulted the municipality health inspector for failing to clear garbage and open the trenches in the market making their operations difficult

Ibanda Central Market is located in the town’s central business district is the busiest trading area in the town.

Despite having permanent structures, sanitation in the market remains wanting with the traders claiming that worker employed to clean the market and clear it of waste, abandoned their job two months ago.

Now, the traders are threatening to refrain from paying market dues until the issue is resolved by the authorities.

Since Ibanda town council was upgraded to municipal status, the management of garbage, collection and disposal has been a challenge to business community whereby garbage is always on road sides and the rest disposed off on in drainage channels.
Jackson Mugume a trader says the Municipal authorities are not bothered about garbage collection and only focus on revenue collection.
Scovia Natumanya another trader says that it is unfortunate for the authorities to keep looking on as the situation gets out of control.

According to the Ibanda Municipality health inspector Dr. William Ndyanabo, In the 2015/16 budget the town council had targeted 15.000 tons and they ended up collecting 16.000 tons of garbage making 106.7% as an achievement since garbage increases on routine basis.

2016/17, the garbage collection is 17.000 tons and so far they have collected 5,300 tons making it 30% and the project is ongoing.

He said that Ibanda Municipality is lacking a dumping site and the next financial year 2017/18 they plan to purchase it at 120.000.000M UGX and they are also expecting to use 50.000.000M UGX for collecting garbage and disposal.

William said that they are looking forward to purchase a garbage truck worth 500.000.000M UGX.

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