Kanyeihamba Wants MPS to Reject Age Limit

By APN Reporter


Retired Supreme Court Judge, Prof. George Wilson Kanyeihamba wants the 10th parliament to reject the Constitutional (Amendment) (No.2) Bill.

Kanyeihamba says that the bill is only aimed at tearing Ugandans apart.

The bill tabled before parliament by Igara West MP, Raphael Magyezi, the Private Member’s Bill seeks to among others scrap Article 102(b) of the Constitution, which limits the president’s age to between 35 and 75 years.

The bill has drawn protests from several people across the country, saying it is aimed at paving way for President Yoweri Museveni to seek re-election when his current term of office expires in 2021. Museveni, who was born in 1944, wouldn’t be eligible to contest for the presidency in 2021, since he will be above 75 years of age.

Prof. George Wilson Kanyeihamba has thrown his weight behind those opposed to the bill. While appearing before the Legal and Parliament Affairs Committee chaired by West Budama South MP Jacob Oboth-Oboth, Justice Kanyeihamba questioned why the committee is still pursuing the Bill, which he said has already caused bloodshed, injuries and paralyzed government machinery.

He also noted that colossal sums of money have been diverted to bribe and coerce Ugandans while huge sums funds continue being diverted to enrich supporters of the Bill. He cited the 29 million Shillings recently given to each MP to consult their constituents on the Bill before Parliament.

Kanyeihamba told the committee that he strongly opposes the removal of the presidential age limits simply because it is intended to benefit Museveni in disregard of the history of the country.

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