Six shot Dead in Nairobi

By APN Agencies


Tension is high in Riverside, Baba Dogo area in Nairobi after six
people were shot dead by unknown assailants in the wake of today

Bodies of the six were still lying at the scene of the mysterious
killings at 10am on Sunday, November 19.

A confrontation ensued between the police and the local residents who were trying to block security officers from taking away the bodies.

Police were forced to lob teargas canisters to disperse crowds that
had milled around the scene.

While residents blame the police for the killings, Nairobi Police
Commander Japheth Koome has dismissed the claims absolving security agencies from any blame.

Koome further refuted claims that the incident was as a result of
tribal clashes, saying it was a case of mysterious killings that
police will be investigating.
A public service vehicle was set ablaze by Baba Dogo residents who
were protesting the shooting.

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