Kenyan Supreme Court Upholds Presidential Elections

By APN Agencies

The Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed two consolidated petitions
against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election.

Six judges of the apex court on Monday upheld the October 26 repeat
election after quashing the 8th August poll on 1st September, after
citing “irregularities and illegalities”.

In a summary judgment read by Chief Justice David Maraga, the judges
said the two petitions, filed by former assistant minister Harun Mwau
and another by Njonjo Mue and Khelef Khalifa, were not merited. Judge
Maraga said a detailed decision would be issued within 22 days.

Dismissal of the two cases now paves way for Mr Kenyatta’s swearing-in
for the second term on Tuesday next week.

While Mr Kenyatta’s arch-rival Raila Odinga did not challenge his win
in court, the apex court’s decision leaves him in a tight situation
amid mounting pressure from his supporters.

Mr Odinga, leader of the National Super Alliance (Nasa), has vowed not to recognize Mr
Kenyatta’s victory and has embarked on an elaborate campaign for
“electoral justice”

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