Rubanda Councillor on the Spot over Alleged Land Grabbing

By Richard Akandwanaho


Residents of Murambo 1 cell in Kitojo Parish, Bubaare Sub County of
Rubanda district have accused the Rubanda District Secretary for
Finance, Penelope Keirungyi and her husband James Twinamarari of land grabbing and closure of an access road.

Locals led by ;Johnson Andinda, Christopher Karema, Henry Patrick
Rundiho, Stephen Itazya claim that Keirungyi and Twinamarari have
closed the only access road that connects their village to the
neighboring Murambo village.

They are also accused of grabbing land that belongs to Christopher Kareema, one of their neighbors.

Locals claim that the closed access road was the only route they would use while accessing water from a nearby water source.

The area Local Council one chairperson, Arthur Byomugabe wants district authorities to intervene, before the situation goes out of hand.

Keirungi, who is also the Rubanda district woman councilor
representing Bubaare sub county, refutes the accusations as untrue.

The leadership of Rubanda district is yet to intervene into the matter.

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