Butchers in Kabale counting losses because of Grasshoppers


Butchers in Kabale Central market in Kabale Municipality; have been forced to drop prices of meat, due to limited customers because of the grasshoppers season. Grasshoppers, boiled or roasted, are a popular wet season delicacy in Uganda. Andrew Bangyira, a butcher at Sunrise Butchery, said that they were forced to drop the price of beef from 9000 to 8000 shillings, due to limited customers.


Naris Turyatunga, a butcher at Number 10 in Kabale Central market says that they are losing between 200,000 shillings to 300,000 shillings on every animal they slaughter.


The Kabale Municipality Slaughterhouse tenderer, Anthony Muhangi says that before the grasshoppers season, they were slaughtering 12 to 13 cows but they now slaughter 6 to 7 cows. The number of goats being slaughtered on daily basis has dropped from 30 to between 20-25goats.


However, grasshopper sellers, who included, Allen Tugumisirize and Aidah Kyarisiima, say that they have made a lot of money during this season.



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