Fr.Gaetano Accuses Kabale RDC of Conspiracy

By APN Reporter

Outspoken Kitanga parish priest Rev. Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda has hit at Kabale resident district commissioner Darius Nandinda of conspiring with a cross section of priests to black mail him.

In a letter dated 24th of November 2017, the man of God accuses the commissioner of trying to mobilize a group of priests who he allegedly plans to bankroll to form a savings group but with an inner intention of getting rid of Rev.Fr.Gaetano for allegedly being opposed to the constitutional amendment that seeks to remove a cap of the presidential limit that is currently capped at 75.
The man of God goes ahead to accuse Nandinda of mobilizing to transport priest under an association “ Kabale Diocesan Priests Saving Scheme” to Rwakitura the country home of president Museveni where they will be given financial support to embark on a mission to neutralize the outspoken priest.
The Man of God goes ahead that he has evidence in relation to the matter he is raising against the commissioner.
Geatano goes ahead to accuse the commissioner of trying to demean Catholics priests by trying to use them to achieve his selfish and unfocused intentions.

He adds that having been part of the forming of the constitution and being a Ugandan, he has the obligation of ensuring that the good constitution of Uganda is not messed up with.
Gaetano concludes by saying that commissioner and his cohorts are misguided and deserve a lecture on the role of religious leaders.
Kabale resident district commissioner Darius Nandinda is yet to comment on the letter in Question.

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