Zinkurateire Family on the Verge of losing Ruhama Seat

By APN Reporter


The Zinkurateire family is struggling to reclaim the Ruhama county parliamentary seat formerly occupied by their brother William Zinkurateire.

William Zinkurateire who passed on 4th of November this year had been be rare in the constituency as he battled hepatitis B before succumbing to it.

The family however through Johnson Rumanywa Zinkurateire launched a bid to reclaim the seat saying that they had wanted to ensure that the plans set out by their family member in the five years are implemented.

However the little known Rumanywa who was working as a manager with parambot breweries a family owned business that was fronted is yet to convince the voters in the constituency and his home sub county of Rweikiniro.

Voters in Rumanya’s own sub county believe that the Zinkuranteire family is trying to treat the parliamentary seat as a kingdom that is supposed to be run by their family only.
Rumanywa now facing other seven competitors in the National Resistance Movement –NRM party primaries.

Other candidates in the race include: Adens Ntare Rutaro,Arthur Mpeirwe,Dr. Bazinzi Natamba,Eng Jackson Kabeikire Mubangizi, Kahima Moses Mugabe, Owembabazi Pamela, Johnson Rumanywa Zinkuratiire the brother to the fallen MP and Tom Rwomushana.
With the primary elections slated for 8th of December 2017, the tight race seems to be leaving out the man trying to reclaim his brother’s seat.
Candidates who include Eng.Jackson Mubangizi,Tom Rwomushana,Arthur Mpirirwe and Moses Kahima.
The big number of candidates spread across number of sub counties leaves the race a very tight one.
Flugence Magara a voter from Rweikiniro Sub County says that there is no way how voters can allow one family to dominate politics of the area.
He says that the Zinkurateire family has not lived up to the expectations of the voters in the area.

Medius Twikirize another voter says that Rumanywa has never been seen on ground and has not been freely mixing with the locals. He says that he may not be fit to lead the people of Ruhama.

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