How Kabale Priest Collapsed to Death

By APN Reporter


Sunday 3rd December, 2017 will remain a memorable day for Christians in Kamuganguzi Archdeaconry in the Diocese of Kigezi.

This is mainly because a strange thing happened during a service that was led by Rev. Justus Twinomujuni, the Archdeacon of Kamuganguzi.

A normal Sunday service ended shockingly after the man of God collapsed shortly after delivering his sermon of the day. The strange incident became more tragic when Christians learnt that their Archdeacon died on the way to Rugarama hospital.

Patience Tusiime, the chief Churchwarden for Kamuganguzi Archdeaconry recalls how she escorted the priest to the pulpit to give a life touching sermon.

“Christians paid keen attention as he preached about the word of God and its essence in the lives of Christians. His sermon was centered on a scripture from Psalms 119:105-124. He encouraged us to increasingly read the Bible if we are to succeed in life,” said Tusiime.

His last message to the brethren was urging them to always speak responsibly in public.

After the sermon, Twinomujuni stepped from the pulpit amidst a “Tukutendereze” hymn from the excited congregation that felt touched by the energetic sermon.

“A few minutes later, he kept standing still and we wondered what had gone wrong. Then, he fell down prompting us to rush into action,” said Tusiime.

He was rushed by Christians to his house which is just a few metres from the church. While there, Twinomujuni asked onlookers to get for him a cup of water which was delivered although this did not change anything,” she added.

Moments later, he was boarded in a vehicle and rushed to Rugarama hospital and upon reaching at the hospital; medics revealed that he had already died.

Back at Church, the service continued and Christians were told about his death immediately after the service.

The deceased had only served at the Archdeaconry for 1 month and 27 days.

He had been serving as a priest since his ordination in 1987.

Twinomujuni earlier on served as a parish priest in Bucundura, Kamwezi, Kacere and Muko.

He replaced Rev. David Rurihona in the October transfer of priests by Bishop George Bagamuhunda of the Diocese of Kigezi. From a parish priest to an archdeacon, Twinomujuni ended his mission in a rather unexpected way.

His deeds and Character.

The Bishop of Kigezi Diocese, Eng. George Bagamuhunda while addressing mourners during a funeral service at Kamuganguzi Archdeaconry on Monday, Bishop Bagamuhunda asked Christians to reflect the good deeds of the fallen priest by preparing their life journeys through promoting good Christian values in their circles.

“He has served God fully until the end. We are not shocked that God took him the way it happened because none of us knows how our lives will end. This is therefore an appeal to all of us to keep alert and live within Christian values because any time we may see our lives ending,” said Bagamuhunda.

While representing the state minister for Finance, David Bahati, the deputy Resident Commissioner for Kabale district, Dennis Nzeirwe hailed the deceased clergyman for promoting peace and harmony in the diocese.

“I had not interacted with him for long but all I can remember about him was when he helped in settling a dispute that had erupted in one of the churches in this archdeaconry. He asked us to help him in sorting it out and through his peace making skills, the fire was ceased,” said Nzeirwe.

The deceased’s wife, Mauda Twinomujuni hailed his husband for his strong love for his family.

“He truly loved us. There is a time I got deeply sick and went into coma, during and after that time, he was always assuring me of how he deeply loved me. He loved our children too and has died after ensuring that all of them acquired a decent education,” she said.

Rev. Edward Mwesigwa, one of the deceased’s closest friends hailed his fallen friend for being entrepreneurial and open minded.

“He never had time for keeping anger at heart. If something annoyed him, he would immediately move to reveal to the concerned parties what he felt for them. He was also a good planner who invested much in buying land wherever he worked,” said Mwesigwa.

The deceased succumbed to high blood pressure and was survived by a wife and six children. He was laid to rest tomorrow at his ancestral home in Mparo, Rukiiga district.


Bernard Kwatiraho-Christian- He was developmental and had started renovating the archdeacon’s house which had taken years in a bad shape. We shall miss him.

Can.Enock Kazooba- Church leader- He was an inspirational mentor to us and his advice was highly cherished by most of us.

Edson Turyahabwa-Resident- His death shocked us but we believe that his destiny is the most needed one since he had served God with one heart.

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