Street kids terrorize Kabale town residents

BY APN Reporter

A section of residents in Kabale municipality are up in arms against Kabale municipal authorities, for failing to regulate the numbers of street kids, who have become a security threat in Kabale town.

The residents say that the street kids are always roaming around garbage dumping places and start snatching people’s property especially in evening and morning hours.

Mark Kwesiga, a resident of upper Bugongi in Northern division, says that some of the street kids break into people’s kitchens at night, while other sleep on their verandas, where they leave rubbish.

Oscar Muhereza Ainebyoona, also a resident of Lower Bugongi in Northern division, says that they have lost a lot property to these street kids and thereby called for a quick intervention.

The Kabale district police commander, Dickens Bindeba, says that the problem of street kids will be solved soon, after the opening of the remand home at Kikungiri in Kabale municipality.


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