UNRA Warns on Road Signs Violation

By APN Reporter


The South Western Regional Manager for Uganda National Roads Authority Bennice Kiganda, has warned the public against pinning posters on road signs along Highways.

Kiganda said that it has been a common practice especially by politicians and other people to pin posters on road signs despite it being against the expectations of road safety regulations.

She was addressing stakeholders during a South Western regional regulation engagement at Kabale district Rukiiko hall.

Kiganda said that the authority will ensure that any body found breaking this regulation gets arrested.

“Every road sign has a function it plays but when it is not well understood it may fail to fulfill its expected purpose. Supposing a road sign indicating a zebra crossing is covered, chances are high that a vehicle may knock people crossing without seeing them,” she said.

According to Kiganda, the roads authority will embark on an aggressive action of cleaning all road signs on the highways by removing all posters and notices on them. They also intend to sensitise the public about respecting road signs.

She also expressed concern over some people who have persisted in the road reserves despite being compensated by UNRA to occupy other areas.

Concerning the increasing humps on highways, Kiganda noted that the authority does not recommend humps but due to the indiscipline of road users, they are prompted to apply them.

“Local leaders usually apply to UNRA to install humps on their roads following increasing accidents there but after proving that the indiscipline has reduced you can re-apply to have the humps removed,” she added.

Speaking at the same platform, the Rubanda district chief administrative officer, Davis Dembe Beyeza, asked UNRA to update some road posts along the Kabale – Kisoro road that have expired messages.

“We still have road posts from Kisoro-Rubanda indicating that after Kisoro one enters Kabale district yet we have a new district there. The same case applies along the Kabale-Mbarara road where posts indicate Kabale district after Ntungamo yet it is Rukiga. All this mess needs to be sorted,” he remarked.

The Kabale District Chairperson, Patrick Besigye Keihwa called upon stakeholders to embark on a massive sensitisation on the respect of road signs in order to control accidents.

He also asked UNRA to equip Kigezi regional office with more equipment to meet the available demand for improved roads.

“During heavy rains our roads get badly spoilt due to the terrain of this place. With the limited equipment at the UNRA office, we find it hard to get those roads repaired. It is therefore important to have more equipment here to counteract the available demand,” said Keihwa.

Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region police spokesperson asked all citizens in the country to arrest anyone they will find committing crimes on roads and hand them over to police for a better justice exercise.

Julius Kanyamunyu, a business development specialist in UNRA revealed that the authority will also effective next year begin charging companies that would wish to erect billboards in the road reserves

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