Educationists Call on Parents to Supplement Government Efforts

By A. Hillary


Leaders in Kabale are concerned over the failure by a big section of parents in the district to support their children in schools.

The leaders expressed their concerns on Friday during the launch of the Kabale district 2015 TWAWEZA report held at Kirigime guest, southern division in Kabale municipality.

TWAWEZA is a Kiswahili word meaning capability and UWEZO is an NGO that works in East Africa to improve on the performance of children in partnership with kick corruption out of Uganda KICK –U and other partner organisations.

The leaders among them. the Kabale municipality Principal Education Officer John Byabagambi, the Kabale municipality inspector of schools Grace Munyambabazi and the Kabale district secretary for Education, Health and Sports Catherine Kyomugisha, revealed that pupils in most schools fail to perform because the parents and guardians have abandoned their duties and instead focused on blaming the government.

Grace Munyambabazi the Kabale Municipality inspector of schools revealed that it is unfortunate for the parents to continue blaming the government and other responsible organs minus playing their part as parents.

He revealed that the guardians contribute greatly to performance of their children by supplement teachers and the resources availed by the government and called for a change in the attitude.
He says that parents must always follow up on their children and ensure that they are actually learning.

The UWEZO report puts the greater Kabale district in the 20th position out of the 112 districts that were assessed.

The KICK –U Executive Director Robert Kakuru attributed the poor performance of some schools to some political leaders who he accused of trying to politicize education to the extent of making parents believe that educating children is solely a responsibility of the government.

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