Shadow Attorney General rallies the public against Age limit bill

By Hillary Turyasingura

Members of Parliament opposed to the proposed constitutional amendment of Article 102(b), are calling on the general public to rally behind them tomorrow, when the bill is expected to be tabled o the floor of Parliament.

The legal and Parliamentary Committee that was scrutinizing the bill is set to table the bill before the floor of Parliament tomorrow.

Last Week, members of Parliament opposed to the amendment launched what they called the “Togikwatako week” that began today. According to the Mps, the “Togikwatako Week”, will be illustrated by activists, rallying Mps not to vote for the removal of age limit, visits to legislators, who reside in Kampala Metropolitan area and an activist-led guard of honour to be erected at Parliament.

Now, speaking yesterday, as the Guest of Honour, during the presentation of Christmas Carols for Christ the King Church in Kabale Municipality, the Ndorwa East Member of Parliament, who is also the Shadow Attorney General, Wilfred Niwagaba, said that tomorrow will be another show down in Parliament, saying that as Mps opposed to the bill, they will not allow it to be tabled.

He also called on the pubic to rally behind the Mps, and fight against the bill he said is intended to benefit an individual.


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