A Memorial for Proffessor Ijuka Kabumba By His Son Dr.Busingye Kabumba

Busingye Kabumba

I have just received the news of the death of my father, Prof Ijuka Kabumba.

I am immensely grateful to God for answering the prayers of his servant.

I last saw him on Thursday last week, when I visited him with my wife and children. I also spent some time alone with him.

He was in pain, as he had been for a long time, suffering from advanced prostate cancer. He told me he was ready to die. He asked my son, Rukundo, not to pray God that he (my father) remains alive, but rather that he be spared a painful and drawn out death.

He told me he had asked God to spare him pain and indignity in death. He was very sad that, thus far, God had not granted this request.

After everyone had left, we spoke. He put his hands on my head and blessed me. He asked God to protect me in these perilous times. He cried. It took all in me to remain strong as we held hands. I reminded him that his name had been ‘Turyagenda’ (We shall all die). That while his death seemed imminent – death was the fate of us all, the only question being who went first.

I will have a lot to say in my life about this incredible man who I have been immensely privileged to call father.

But for now, daddy, go in peace gentle soul. You were truly an angel in human form. Greet Baturumayo, Tezira, Rukundo, Beebwa and all who went beforeyou. Prepare room for us who will follow you. If you can, visit me in my dreams as the late Rukundo did in yours.

I am very proud to have called you father. You taught me how to live. And in the end, you have taught me how to die. I thank the God you served so faithfully for eventually granting your request to be spared further pain and suffering.

Your loving son,


4 thoughts on “A Memorial for Proffessor Ijuka Kabumba By His Son Dr.Busingye Kabumba

  • December 23, 2017 at 9:04 am

    I have lost a mentoring father figure and a friend .One who spoke highly of me,even when i felt i did not give my best. one who encouraged me to start and choose the right my masters program and said he’d be around to celebrate when i graduate.Sad you didn’t wait to see me.

    He hugged warmly, he never missed a compliment when it was deserved.He would advise on more less every thing,he gave us money to look for an old news paper,but again we never got to share what was in. We had long chats, long laughs,high fives and the list goes on……

    When he returned from Nairobi in 2014,he told me he was fine.I always asked if he was still fine over the past years and then last year he told me he wasn’t.

    With him we prayed,he shared his life story freely and at times he’d share again every time we asked. When we visited he dared to eat a cake as he joined in the fun, in pain he still welcomed us home. For the times we were able to visit,he’d escort us to the gate, a man who took time seriously.

    I was his adviser in the stock market yet he was my adviser in every thing else. He gave me an opportunity to teach him,with humility he’d listen and it was my joy when he’d take my advice.
    We had differing opinions at times, but in the end he taught me it was ok to have my opinion but i could also analyse his version of events.

    Before us he cherished his lovely wife(who calls me petite), we’d tease each other and yet he spoke highly of her even in her absence.
    He said he’d love someone to read him a novel,but i never had time to keep my promise that once in a while given an opportunity i would come and read to him.

    I remember the last hug we had,not with as much energy as those we’d always had but its warmth was more than that before. You told me hope was fading and i said i would look at it differently,i prayed, i believed but i guess God had a different plan for you.

    Am glad to have known you, called you a friend, mentor Dad but most importantly am glad you are not enduring pain anymore.It hurts to know that i would have asked to talk to you when i called this Wednesday but i was scared you’d be too weak.I was told the condition had deteriorated that visiting wasn’t possible but again i was hopeful you’d come back strong as you’d done before.

    Tears run down my cheeks and yet my heart bleeds. 2017 for me with such news has been the hardest yet.

    You have not seen me walk down the aisle,yet you promised you’d come with your “Kyana”.
    You’ve left her to come alone then.
    I believe that you will not be here physically but your presence will still be felt when the day comes.

    You’re forever cherished

    Rest well my beloved mentor

    yours truely


  • January 5, 2018 at 5:22 am

    I was saddened to learn of Professor Ijuka Kabumba’s death coming so soon after my own father’s demise. I, Dr Noel Okello, am one of Professor Kabumba’s younger cousins also working within academic circles in Nairobi, Kenya. I met him in 2012 when he came for chemotherapy along with his wife. He was so jovial and witty. And I was amazed by the love he and his wife exhibited for each other. I will miss him and regret that I never got to spend much more time with him. Rest in peace good Prof.

  • January 9, 2018 at 7:28 pm

    I have been deeply saddened when I learnt about the death of Professor Kabumba Ijuka. I first met professor Ijuka at Nkumba university when I went to enrol for my PhD programme. He was the first facilitator in a series of our graduate seminars. I remember very well when he perfectly introduced us to a PhD course. With a lot of oratory acumen,he explored the topic with much zeal and incredible knowledge. I can’t forget when he meticulously explained to us the Pareto principle 20/80. RIP great son of Uganda. Serunjogi Charles Dickens

  • January 10, 2018 at 9:26 am

    I came to know of the death of my former supervisor Professor Ijuka Kabumba two days ago. I will always remember him for struggling to make me a Doctor. He was always accessible at his home and patient with me. His advice was beyond what my PhD required. May God rest his soul in eternal peace. Dr Mugisha Deogratias B.


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