Bishop Bagamuhunda Challenges Christians to Understand the Meaning of Christmas

By our reporter

The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt.Rev.Eng.George Bagamuhunda has asked Christians in the diocese to respect the real value of Christmas during the festival season.

Bagamuhunda was preaching during the Christmas main service at St.Peter’s Cathedral, Rugarama in Kabale municipality on Monday.

He revealed that during the birth of Christ as told in the bible, some people failed to be blessed by the new born saviour due to their arrogance and immorality.

Bagamuhunda said that the current world has also seen some Christians fail to understand the real meaning of Christmas instead they turn the season into a haven of immorality.

“The rate at which people drink alcohol is unbearable. We wonder if such people truly understand why Christ came into the world,” said Bagamuhunda.

He also warned Christians especially the youth to desist from pornographic material and sexual immorality which is currently on the increase via social media and the internet.

“Most youth are fond of spending hours on computers and phones but if you try to find out what they are watching you can get a shock of your life. This has made them so much interested in sexual immorality thereby making them prone to HIV/AIDS,” said Bagamuhunda.

The Bishop also condemned the increasing levels of selfishness and greed that have destroyed our societal harmony.

“As we celebrate Christmas let us also aim at reducing selfishness which is leading to corruption in our communities and also affecting our relationship with God. Use this year to choose Christ in your lives at the expense of your own selfish interests,” said Bagamuhunda.

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