Residents Battle Water Crisis

By our reporter


Over 20,000 residents of Nshebeya, Igomanda , Mpungu and Ruhonwa parishes in Hamurwa Sub-county, Rubanda district are facing a serious water crisis. This came as a result of the heavy rains that hit the district in September last year.

Residents say that since that time, most of the springs where they used to draw water from were swept away forcing them to resort to small streams which provide less amounts of water.

Libina Natukunda, a resident of Nyabirigita village, Nshebeya parish in Hamurwa Sub-county said that it takes her about 4 hours to draw water and to return home for more domestic work on a daily basis.

“Currently, I wake up early in the morning hoping to arrive at the water source in time but I am always disappointed when I find myself in a long queue. The process takes me about two hours to get a jerry can of water at the stream then going back home takes about one and a half hours as I have to climb the various hills,” said Natukunda.

To Batulumayo Turyasingula, school going pupils usually delay every time, they are asked to go to the stream to fetch water.

“We usually ask our pupils to get up fast to fetch water but we are usually disappointed whenever they come back late and thus report to schools late,” said Turyasingula.

Deus Byomuhangi, another resident said that they are now afraid that sooner than later they may acquire hygiene related diseases since they share water with animals.

“Animals like cattle, sheep, goats and pigs come to our streams to get water for drinking and they defecate in our water that we use for domestic use. We are so afraid that if this is not controlled soon, we may acquire diseases caused by poor hygiene,” said Turyasingula.

Nafutali Biryahabwe said that they have so far had enough suffering and thus deserve to be remembered by their leaders or else they consider their elections a loss.

“We have since the tragedy hit us not seen any of our leaders coming to rescue us. This means that our elections have not yielded positively. We therefore demand an urgent response before the tough gets going,” said Biryahabwe.

In Nshebeya parish the rains swept away water springs at Nyabirigita, Katojo, Bugwaza and Gondo Trading Centres. Igomanda parish saw the loss of water springs at Rwabukorya, Kashekyera, Rwabakyenga, Kanzahamugyera and Nyamiyaga.

Similarly, springs from Mpungu parish of Karungu, Bushure, Rutooma and Kaburara did not survive the disaster. Ruhonwa parish saw the destruction of Nyarundya A&B water springs.

According to the Hamurwa sub-county LCV Councillor, Pius Tumwehende, he has already reported the issue to the concerned authorities and he awaits a solution soon.

“When this tragedy hit, I came to these areas and contacted the affected communities where I took notes of the destruction which I presented to the various district authorities and I am currently waiting for the response from them,” said Tumwehende

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