Residents Petition Museveni over Poor State of Hamurwa Road

By our reporter


A total of 50 residents from Rubanda district have petitioned President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni over the poor state of the Hamurwa- Kanungu road.

The road which connects villages of Shebeya, Ikumba, Mukadongo, Hamurwa Town Council, all in Ikumba and Hamurwa Sub Counties also joins Rubanda district to Kanungu district. It had a floating bridge that sub-merged about two months ago following heavy rains that hit the region.

Currently, using the road is a hustle since it is usually flooded every time it rains.

According to Fred Turyamureeba, the lead petitioner, the road’s situation worsened early last year and despite their continued calls to have it repaired, nothing has been done yet.

“This road was last repaired over 15 years ago by setting up a floating bridge which was supported by a strong mat covered by soil. They kept on working at it every time but recently it collapsed completely making movement difficult,” said Turyamureeba.

He said that there is a great need for the construction of a stronger bridge in the area to enable a safer transport system.

“This road is surrounded by hills that send large amounts of flooded water to it whenever it rains and this has continued the escalation of this problem. We therefore ask government to construct a more reliable bridge along this road to make it more passable,” added Turyamureeba.

Petitioners also allege that the maintenance works that had been previously going on this road were too shoddy to solve the impending problem.

Justus Kwesiga, another resident said that their livelihoods and society have been greatly affected by the current state of the road.

“Our school going children are often unable to make it to classrooms that government constructed for them on account of the impassable road,” said Kwesiga.

Kwesiga added that access to medical facilities accessibility for most mothers especially those with antenatal concerns is a big challenge.

To Mildred Twikirize, their agricultural produce has failed to get to their intended markets thereby limiting their income levels.

“In Hamurwa we are blessed with fertile lands that enable us produce fresh foods but transporting these foods to markets is a big and costly challenge to us,” said Twikyirize.

In a petition dated 28th December, 2017 which the residents hope to deliver to the office of the president through the Prime Minister, they are asking for an immediate intervention to save the situation.

However, the Rubanda district Chairperson,Jogo Keneth Biryabarema said that as district authorities, they are lobbying from Uganda National Roads Authority UNRA so that the road and its bridge on Hamurwa Rubanda Kanungu road are maintained as soon as possible.

“We are seriously concerned about the state of this road and currently we have contacted UNRA. We hope that they come in as soon as possible to address this situation,” said Biryabarema.

Biryabarema said that the poor state of this road has not affected Rubanda district residents but it is a serious concern for the region since this road benefits districts of Kanungu, Kabale and Rubanda.

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