Minister Ordered to Re-table Bio safety Bill

By Racheal Nakassi

Parliament has ordered the minister of science and Technology to re-table the Biotechnology and bio safety bill which was rejected by the president for parliament to initiate its change to suit the standard in way the president wants it to be.

The order was made by the deputy speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah while reading to parliament the president’s letter that wrote to parliament giving the grounds of his rejection of this bill.

He said that the minister should re-table this bill on Wednesday this week.

The minister after returning the bill to parliament, the president’s demands will be considered to be included in the bill or rejected by members of parliament.

The president returned the bill to parliament saying that it gives the monopoly of patent rights to researchers without due regard to indigenous communities that developed the original materials.

The president added that GMO seeds should not be randomly mixed with indigenous seeds in case they turn out to have a problem

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