Uncollected Garbage Angers Kabale Business Community

By APN Reporter


Businessmen in central division Kabale Municipality are protesting the
appalling hygiene in the municipal council.

They accuse the municipal council authorities of failing to dispose of
garbage leaving it to accumulate on the roadside and various streets in the
Municipal council.

They also claiming the rotten garbage has polluted the air in the municipal

Gad Tumwine a vendor in Kabale central market says the town council is very
dirty, yet they promptly pay their taxes.

He says Municipal council authorities put garbage skips for collecting
garbage in the market before it is transferred to waste management centre
in Kirengyere which have now filled up.

Tumwine says that because the containers have not been emptied for a very
long time residents decided to dump waste along the road saying it is
almost reaching people’s shops.

Catherine Tugumisirize says they are afraid of contracting dangerous
infections as result of the flies from the skips and the dirty sewerage
that flows into their kiosks and houses whenever it rains.

She says that municipal council authorities have failed to dispose the
garbage for weeks leaving residents to suffer with the heavy stench. She
adds that the stench has chased away customers leaving them in losses.

The Kabale Central division Chairman Sam Arinaitwe confirms that many
garbage skips were filled with garbage. He however says that they have
instructed the driver empty the skips.

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