We are not against the state-Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga

By APN Reporter


The Archbishop of Kampala his grace Dr.Cyprian Lwanga Kizito has revealed that religious leaders in the country are not against the state.

While speaking at the burial ceremony of former Church of Uganda Archbishop Dr.Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo held at Namugongo –Anglican Shrine revealed that religious leaders are only telling the truth about the conscience of the state.

He revealed that God gave the religious leaders the responsibility of taking care of his creation.

Archbishop Lwanga further revealed that religious leaders have a noble responsibility of advising the state on the matters of Governance and Justice giving an example of Archbishop Janan Luwum who was killed during the Idi Amin regime for criticising the government that had turned dictatorial.
He further lashed out at government informants misrepresenting the messages of the church to the state for personal selfish benefits. He challenged them to give correct information to the government in a move to promote justice and stability.

The man of God revealed that the existing situation is not right and bad for the government and the people of Uganda.He revealed that history is repeating itself.

Archbishop Lwanga further asked government Listen to the voices of reason to promote hope, peace and justice.
He also asked journalists in the country to be truthful and abide by the Uganda National moto “FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY”.
During his new year message, President Yoweri Museveni revealed that some religious leaders had deviated from their initial assignment and resorted to peddling into the politics of the country an utterance that was not received well by the religious leaders who revealed that it was a move aimed at silencing them.

Former Archbishop Dr.Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo passed on last week on Friday at Kampala hospital after battling cancer.
He is set to be laid to rest this afternoon.

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