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Bill Bekunda Kahirimbanyi, the Executive director of Healthy Youth Lifestyles Options (HYLO), an organisation aimed at fighting alcohol and drug addiction and misuse is calling on the government to enact strong laws governing the consumption of alcohol in the country.

Bekunda who is currently running a campaign called “Stop Underage Drinking Uganda,” (SUDU) says that government has done little to regulate the use of alcohol and drugs in Uganda which has led to an increased misuse of these substances.

He says that the increased alcoholism in societies has caused great suffering to its addicts and thus needs to be regulated.

“Our people are experiencing diseases as a result of excessive alcoholism. Poverty, domestic violence are all on the increase in our society today. There is a need to have a strong law as soon as possible,” said Bekunda.

According to a recent research carried out by African Exponent Kajuju Murori Uganda is the second country with the highest number of drinkers in Africa who are said to drink up to 11.93 litres of alcohol per person per year. The World Health Organisation in 2012 showed that about 3.3 million people in the globe succumbed to deaths related to alcohol consumption.



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