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Fr. Gaetano- No Term of Office is Enough for Ugandan Politicians

By APN Reporter
Kitanga parish priest Rev. Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda has revealed that Ugandan politicians are being too greedy by pushing for a seven (7) year term of office.

Speaking to our reporter on Saturday in Kabale town, the man of God revealed that some politicians such as the president have been in power for over 30 years and failed to act and even if they are given a 10 year term of office, they will never implement what they claim to aiming at.

The man of God says that all those fronting the idea of a seven year term in office and selfish and enemies of the country.
Gaetano says that the scrapping of the age limit and the extension of the term of office for politicians is a clear indication that the current leaders are committed to dismantling the structures of democracy.
He further refers to the planned move to extend the term of office as total madness which he says will never be accepted by Ugandans save for those who have lost direction and have no plans for the future.
Gaetano adds that the country is in a crisis where the leaders who are supposed to fight for the local people have instead connived to tear apart the country.
His remarks come barely days to the time when the Ugandan Parliament is set to start debating the Age limit bill that seeks to lift the presidential age limit that is capped at 75.

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