Angry Residents Block UETCL Workers

By APN Reporter


Residents of 6 villages of Bukara, Kigando, Mirama, rwembogo, Rwentondo, Rwenkende and Karo Karungi in Kafunjo Mirama town council and Kitwe town council on Tuesday stopped the Uganda electricity transmission company limited (UETCL) workers from erecting transmission insulators for the multinational power line going through the area to Rwanda, Burundi and DR. Congo over failure to compensate their destroyed crops and other properties.

Residents accuse the company and leadership for being irresponsive on the matter despite taking several steps to negotiate for a way out.

Workers protected by at least 15 police officers turned up near Omukigando trading centre in Kafunjo Mirama town council to erect the wires but residents ganged up against them forcing them down the polls with stones and pellets, the workers and police they had come with later freed the area in their vehicles. They accuse the company for failure to compensate them and under evaluation of their land, crops, houses and many other items.

Last year the residents petitioned the president over the same issue who forwarded it back to the RDC and the company whom the residents say has done nothing about it. They say they will go to court if matters persist but will also never allow the line to pass through their land.

The Murambi ward vice chairperson Benon Kamurasi said it was unfortunate for the transmitters to come with police men to threaten the locals on their land yet they know they needed to compensate them first before extending the line.

The Kigando village chairperson Africano Katabazi says residents were protesting under evaluation and cheating by the valuers and are seeking reevaluation.

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