Who is Prince Umar Asiimwe Rubambansi of Ankole ?

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Prince Umar Asiimwe Ntare VI Rubambasi is the Prince of Nkore Kindom. He is a great grandson of Omugabe Ntare V who had other brothers among them Igumira and Kahitsi.
Upon the demise of Ntare V, there was succession wars and attempts to crown Kahitsi as the next king failed because the royal drums rejected him.

This came in because Nkabisigarira had been for internal reasons denied as a son to Ntare V. Later Kahaya II who was nephew of Ntare V was crowned the next king of Nkore.

The of genealogy of Prince Asiimwe is as follows; Ntare V produced Nkabisigarira, Nkabisigarira produced Murengeera , Murengeera produced Byabagambi, Byabagambi produced Rwitahoona, Rwitahoona produced Nkabisigarira II, Nkabisigarira II produced Igumira Kitobobo, who is the father of Prince Asiimwe Umar.

Prince Asiimwe is married and blessed with a pair of twins. He lives a harmonious life with his family members. He stays in Kasese Municipality together with his wife and his siblings.

He is courageous and focused, sure of the result that what he is struggling for will be achieved. Despite living in Busongora, Kasese, which is a multi-lingual community, he speaks a very good, concentrated and original Runyankore.
He has very many royal instruments, wood works and other memorable things that were used in the past by the previous Kings of Nkore and among them is a shield (Engabo) that was curved out of wood with a head of Ntare V in the centre, which was used by Omugabe Ntare V in his wars. It looked old but was well kept.

He also had various spears, Ankole Police Amour, and very many other things that resemble the weaponry found in the palaces of other kings in Uganda; for those who have ever been in any of the palaces.
Shield of Ntare V kept at Asiimwe Umar’s home
Background of Asiimwe Umar and Conspiracy in Nkore Kingdom.
Prince Asiimwe Umar is a direct descendant of Omugabe Ntare V Rugingiza commonly known as Ntare wa Kibooga among various Banyankore. He was the King of Nkore Kingdom from 1873 to 1895 and he is a son of Omugabe Mutambuka. According to written history, Ntare died of premature death. He died when he was still young. He had no heir and his only son Prince Kabumbire died of Small Pox.
According to Prince Umar Asiimwe, Omugabe Ntare V had two other children. A girl and a boy known as Nkabisigarira who were denied a chance of becoming heirs to their father’s property and his throne. Their names and identity were kept hidden in order to take over the Kingdom and tried as much as they could to delete them from history. In the process, Igumira the brother of Ntare V tried to crown his young brother Kahitsi as a king but the Nkore royal Regalia Bagendanwa drums rejected him. So Igumira appointed his son Kahaya II instead as the next king. That was in 1895-1944.
In the process of crowning King Kahaya II, they thought that the real son of Ntare V, whom they had kept secret and was the right heir of the throne, might become a problem to their leadership and might soon take over the Kingdom that belonged to his father. They declared war to kill the two children.
The two children, a girl and a boy were however rescued and hidden by a Nubian soldier who took them to Kagamba in Kajara (current day, Ntungamo District). The Nubian soldier was one of the soldiers guarding King Ntare V who were sent by the King of Buganda Kabaka Mwanga to protect the King of Banyankore from invasion and also to spread civilization since Buganda had already opened up to the western world (Imperialists and Missionaries) and the Arabian world who were traders and Muslims.
The Makobore of Rukungiri later stole the young girl from the Nubian soldier and up to now, no one knows if the girl managed to grow old, have a family, with children and grandchildren or if she died when she was still young. Prince Asiimwe said that, he has been making research to know what happened to his great grandmother, if she has descendants but the mission has been futile.

The Nubian soldier kept Nkabisigarira safely and when still the new King kept on hunting the boy to kill him, the Nubian soldier decided to circumcise the boy and introduce him to Islam and claim him as his own son in order to protect him from the surrounding danger. They later shifted from Kagamba to Igara (now Bushenyi District) and the first headquarters of Kyeizooba sub-county was established in their compound.

Thereafter they shifted from Igara to Busongora in Kasese District where their grandmother (The Mother of King Ntare V) was originating and they traced and started living with their uncles. From that time up to now, the family has been living in Busongola.
In 1944, King Kahaya II who had replaced Ntare V died. Before his death, he forewarned that they should be alert; the sons of Nkabisigarira (who was the real heir of the throne) will come and claim the throne of their father. After the death of Omugabe Kahaya II (who was a nephew brother to Ntare V) he had left a son Mirindi who many doubted that he was not a true son of Kahaya, the throne was now reversed and Gasyonga II was crowned the King of Nkore. This was after the colonial court of East Africa had made a ruling that Gasyonga should be the King not Mirindi who was a son of Kahaya.

Omugabe Gatsyonga II whose names were Sir Charles Godfrey Rutahaba Gasyonga was a son of Rwakatogoro a grandson of Nkuranga. According to Prince Asiimwe, this was the first greatest mistake to be made in Nkore Kingdom. Nkore had cultural rituals, which were always used to know, who is a king and who is not.

It was a mistake involving the court in Nkore Kingdom matters when the Judges who were making the ruling knew nothing about Nkore Kingdom.

He continues to say that; this is the time when the Kingdom fell from the Kingdom lineage of Abahinda (the royal clan of Nkore) to Abainginya the clan of Gasyonga.

Mirindi who was denied the throne by court in 1944, later married and produced William Muchakumba who later became a reverend and was posted in Katovu Church of Uganda, Greater Masaka.

Omugabe Gasyonga who was installed by the court of East Africa reigned from 1944 to 1967 when the Kingdoms were officially abolished by the government of President Apollo Milton Obote and he is the father of Prince John Barigye (died 2011) and is a grandfather of the current prince Aryeija Charles Rwebishengye.
Ever since the Kingdom of Nkore was abolished in 1967, the first attempt to have the kingdom restored was done in 1993 by Prince John Barigye the son of Gasyonga II but his coronation was soon annulled by His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as unlawful and void.
Various stories have been said to have happened on the day of the “fake” coronation of Prince John Barigye (1993) it is said that the royal regalia of Nkore refused to recognize him. In Nkore Kingdom, whenever a rightful king would be installed, the royal regalia would recognize him, the Nkore royal drum Bagyendanwa would start making sound beats even before anyone touches it.

Another story that is popular and said to have happened at Nkokonjeru Burial grounds when Prince Barigye was being coronated (1993) a swarm of bees attacked them and chased them away an indication that he was not a right king.
The Current Strategy of Prince Umar Asiimwe.

Summarizing his long and interesting plan for the kingdom, he said that those who bias him should use all the available means to know if he the real grandson of Ntare V and the real owner of the throne.
He is willing for scientific means be it DNA Test since the grave of Ntare V is well marked and known and they can cross examine required specimen.

He also said that he is willing to use cultural rituals and show all the Banyankore that he is the rightful king.

After the Kingdom has been restored, Prince Umar hopes to bring back the lost glory of the Nkore Kingdom and Banyankore people. This will be through teaching of Runyankore language in schools, re-introduction of craftwork and handworks in schools to equip Banyankore with skills that may help them in this employment crisis. He will create a museum where Nkore culture will be taught to Banyankore freely, bringing back the fading Nkore Culture and protecting and preserving nature and key sites like Kitagata Kyamarembo (Hotsprings in Kitagata, Bushenyi) Amabaare ga Mugore in Kiruhura and other sites which will in turn make Nkore region the area of interest for tourists in Uganda. He said that plans have been finalized to see him return to Ankole Region in a very shortwhile but kept his cards close to his chest for security and royal reasons

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