Kabafunzaki launches Primary Examination Strategy

In a bid to improve the education standards of pupils in primary schools of Rukiga district, Herbert Kabafunzaki, the Rukiga County Member of Parliament has launched an examination strategy for Primary seven pupils.

In this strategy, P.7 pupils from over 100 schools will be sitting examinations set by the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

According to Kabafunzaki, most pupils have not been doing well in examinations because they usually have limited examination experience which is vital in sharpening their minds.

“My findings show that our pupils are failing because they do not have enough exposure to examinations. We therefore feel that if they are well facilitated with enough exams prior to the final exam, they can have ability to approach questions with a lot of confidence,” said Kabafunzaki.

Speaking during the campaign launch at Rwamucucu Sub-County headquarters, Christopher Nyabegyera, the Rukiga district inspector of schools said that the move will help pupils and teachers in the district to increase their participation in Examination involvement.

“Our stakeholders have a collective responsibility of ensuring that our performance is improved and a leader who lobbies for us examinations has already shown his interest in that regard,” he said.

Eddie Mugisha, the Chairperson for Education, Health and Community based services in the Rukiga district council said that the move will benefit all residents in the district if well embraced.

“We pray that our teachers respect this initiative aimed at helping pupils. Our learners have not been exposed to such opportunities but with this aggressive approach we hope for better results in future,” said Mugisha.

Rukiga district did not have a good performance in last year’s examinations. Out of 2032 candidates who sat last year’s PLE, 145 passed in grade one, 1024 in grade two, 446 in grade three and 251 passed in grade four. 124 candidates were ungraded while 42 never turned up for exams

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