Kigezi Province Secures Vital Win Against Buganda in Drum Tournament

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By APN Reporter


Kigezi province on sunday evening secured a vital win against Buganda in a match played at Masaka recreational ground.

The well attended match saw the visitors overcome their hosts with a single goal of the game.

Derrick Mudali scored in the 61st minute and his goal was enough to see off the hosts.

The 16 provinces of Uganda will be involved in the competition.

The tournament’s final will be on October 6 in Kasese district.

The 16 provinces are: Teso, Busoga, Sebei, Bugisu, Lango, Buganda, Acholi, Kigezi, Bukedi, Bunyoro, Kampala, Rwenzori, Karamoja, Ankole, West Nile and Toro.

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