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Museveni Contradicting Himself on Security.Fr.Gaetano

By Our Reporter


Rev.Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda has accused president Museveni of contradicting himself on security matters and failing to take action as organs tasked with securing Ugandans turn into a mess.

Batanyenda who is the Parish priest for Kitanga Parish, Chairperson inter –religious council for Kigezi sub region and chairperson Kick corruption out of Uganda told a press brief at KICK –Uganda offices in Kirigime,Southern division of Kabale Municipality that the trend of murder cases that have always gone unsolved is not worrying but also an indication that only top government officials are safe in Uganda.

The out spoken priest revealed that it is unfortunate that Ugandans have continued to lose lives at the hands of criminals as security agencies look on helplessly. Referring to the kidnap and subsequent murder of Susan Mbabazi who was killed by her kidnappers after being held for close to a month, the man of God accused president Museveni of acting centrally to his promises.
Gaetano says that the president had always vowed never to preside over a lawless country, but has since then turned into a spectator as the criminals take charge of security.
Gaetano says that it is unfortunate that the government is availing security details to members of parliament,ministers and top government officials as other citizens are left to fend for themselves.
Gaetano also want the government to ensure that suspects behind the death of Felix Kaweesi former police spokesperson,Prosecutor Joan Kagezi and Enttebe murders that targeted mainly females to be brought to book and face justice.
He further revealed that the failure to hold criminals accountable for their crimes has given them a chance to freely roam the country, rob and kill as leisure.
Gaetano, who was also a member of the constituency assembly that drafted the 1995 constitution, revealed that the country has enough laws to handle security matters as well as hold criminals accountable and wonders why action is not being taken.
This visibly angry priest revealed that Ugandans have been betrayed by their leaders who think that security is only for the top officials yet all Ugandans are equal before the law and that the government which does not protect its people and their property would rather resign and hand over to another system will to execute its mandate.
The remarks come at a time when kidnappings and several unexplained murders have rocked the country.

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