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Suspect Commits Suicide in Rubanda Cells

By APN Reporter


Police in Rubanda is investigating circumstances under which a 19 years old man allegedly committed suicide from police cells.

One Wednesday Gerald of Nyarurambi cell Ikamiro parish Muko Sub county in Rubanda district was found hanging in Muko police station cells today evening.

It’s alleged that the deceased was arrested in the evening of 07/03/18 for alleged burglary and theft of four million shillings where he broke through the window and entered Alex Turyamureba’s shop at Nfasha trading centre and stole the said money.

The deceased Was arrested by local council officials and taken to police. He mentioned his second associate as Godfrey Owomugabe .

According to Kigezi regional police spokesperson Elly Maate ,It’s today afternoon when police officers on duty took the second suspect at police and were planning to usher him into cells only to find Gerald dead.

The deceased had just been taken to the cells after having his lunch.

Maate says that the suspect was alone in custody and used a piece of a blanket to end his life.
The case is registered under reference number Muko SD 10/08/03/18.

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