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Farmers Tipped on Fast Maturing Crops

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By APN Reporter


Farmers were advised to use the advantage of the available rains and plant quick growing seeds like beans and ground nuts as well as cassava and potatoes to avoid possible hunger in the coming months.
The advice was given by the district Agriculture coordinator, Zepher Karyaija on Sunday during the first mass service at Christ the king church Rukungiri.
Karyaija said that rains are likely to remain until end of April saying that quick growing seeds will be on harvest stage before drought hits the ground.
He urged farmers to get ready early and have enough food to avoid what happened last year when many families in most parts of the country lost children due to hunger.
He also advised farmers to use these huge rains to plant bananas to replace those that were destroyed by banana bacteria wilt in past years. He said banana bacteria wilt is no longer big threat to the farmers as it has remained in few places and can be eliminated completely with combined efforts of all stake holders.
He urged farmers to cut down any suspected affected banana plant and mix ash with urine and pour it on the cut banana plant to kill the remains of the virus underground.
He said most places in Nyakagyeme, Buyanja and Kebisoni are free of banana bacteria wilt because they adhered to the advice of the agricultural officers to cut all the affected plants as soon as possible.
On lumpy skin disease that hit the district last month, Karyaija said that it is still on and has already killed a number of cows in the district. He urged farmers who have not vaccinated their cattle to do it as soon as possible to avoid more spread of the deadly cattle disease.