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Mak To Stop Providing Food To Students

Makerere University authorities have unanimously voted to stop providing meals in the halls of residence, effective June, this year.

Currently, food is given to two categories of students, both government resident and non-residents. The university says government students’ number about 6000 with about 2000 being residents at the campus.

But, speaking to journalists yesterday, the University Dean of Students, Cyriaco Kabagambe said that the position was reached at a recent council meeting where a report from the Finance and Planning Committee of Council presented findings of the survey conducted among students.

Kabagambe said that in a survey, over 50 percent of students recommended that the university gives them their money to buy food.  Kabagambe said that the contracts for the food service providers are ending by June this year and that the university will not enter contracts with them again under the current arrangement.

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