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Kabale Municipal Enforcement Officers on the Spot Over Alleged Extortion

By APN Reporter


Butchers in Kabale municipality are accusing law enforcement officers and crime preventers attached to Kabale Municipality over alleged extortion and harassment.

The butchers who include Charles Rwanika, Anthony Muhangi and Wilson Magadi, accuse the duo of impounding animals destined for the abattoir under the guise that they are stray animals in the town. The enforcement officers in conjunction with the crime preventers allegedly demand for shillings 100,000 shillings to release the impounded animals.

Rwanika says that his five cows were impounded by crime preventers on Friday last week, when he was transporting them from Rubaare in Ntungamo district to his kraal.

He further revealed that he was ordered to pay 500,000 shillings before they were released. He says that after threatening to go to court, they gave him back his cattle.

Muhangi and Magadi also said that many butchers have been harassed whenever they are herding them to the kraals. Magadi says that his cows have been impounded three times from the abattoir; he paid 100,000 shillings for each cow.

However, Paul Kagurusi, a senior Law enforcement officer at Kabale Municipality denies that allegations saying they only impound loaming and stray animals that destroy flowers around town.

The Mayor Kabale municipality Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha acknowledges that many animals have been impounded and butchers fined for grazing in town. He however says that no butcher should give money any law enforcement officer or crime preventer.

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