Museveni is Right to Belittle NRM Legislators –Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda


By APN Reporter




Kitanga Parish priest who also doubles as the chairperson Kick corruption out of Uganda has revealed that  members of parliament from the Ruling National resistance Movement have cheapened themselves to the extent that the president not takes them for granted.

Gaetano told the media today at KICK offices in Kabale southern division that legislators have on several occasions proved to the president that they cannot survive without him and always go to beg for money from him.

The priests remarks were in reaction to the president’s remarks while in Jinja Campaigning for NRM Flag bearer in the Jinja east by-elections where he revealed that the electorates would rather send an NRM member who does not contribute anything in parliamentary proceedings than voting for any member of the opposition.


Gaetano revealed that the members of parliament from NRM have accepted to be manipulated with money to favor the interests of the president which he says is a disaster to the nation.


Gaetano says that he wonders why the president wants members of parliament who will look on as the country is being plundered just like someone who is not aware of the role of members of parliament.


Gaetano says that none of the members of parliament from the ruling party has come out to criticize the remarks by the president simply because they have reduced themselves beggars.

The man of God further revealed that he was also disappointed by the president’s remarks where he revealed that he is the one that controls money.

Batanyenda says that constituencies represented by NRM legislators such as Rukiga where he comes from continue to struggles and residents cannot afford basic needs of life yet they belong to the political party which claims to have control over the funds in the country.

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