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Farmers Urged to Embrace Cooperatives

By APN Reporter


Stella Meulenbelt, a business consultant from Work in Light Company in Netherlands has asked farmers in Kigezi to embrace cooperatives so as to develop.

Meulenbelt was addressing farmers from Kashambya in Rukiga and Kebisoni in Rukungiri on Saturday and Sunday respectively in meetings organised by Kyosiga Kyokungula One Voice Campaign (KKOVC), a local community based organisation in the area.

She noted that most farmers in developing countries continue to struggle in a bid to provide the rightful resources to enable their businesses which can be solved if they pulled resources together.

“You need to start farming groups that meet at least once a month, register them and start saving and planning together,” said Meulenbelt.

Meulenbelt said that if farmers are working together, they can be able to attract support from government and other donors to boost their business.

“Donors and Government are always on the lookout for organised farming groups to support with resources. If you accept to do that then believe me you will see resources coming your way soon,” she added.

Adam Turyamureeba, the KKOVC Chief Executive Officer said that farmers in Kigezi region deserve more engagement from experts to improve their performance.

“Our region has a lot of able farmers but because they lack enough guidance on how to prosper, their income levels remain limited. We deserve more of these inspirational engagements to boost farming,” said Turyamureeba.

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