Rwanda takes Campaign Against Drugs to Schools

By Jean Ndahimana


The Rwanda National Police awareness campaign against illicit particularly in schools continued on Sunday in various schools across the country.
The campaign launched a fortnight ago is aimed at sensitizing students on dangers of abusing drugs and to work together with the police and local authorities in identifying and reporting dealers. The ultimate goal is to break chains of supply and to kill the local market.
In Nyanza District, the campaign was extended to students of Groupe Scolaire Kaganza located in Mukingo Sector. Police officers and local leaders of Mukingo enlightened over 600 students on various issues related to fighting drugs, ensuring sanitation and hygiene, their role in security and development.
In Musanze, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Theogene Nduwayezu, alongside Samuel K. Birondwa of Youth Impact Mission and the head of sports and culture in Musanze, Moise Mutabazi reached out to students of ESSA-Ruhengeri, ITB-Ruhengeri, Kabaya,Sunrise High School, St. Vincent and GS Muhoza, and sensitized them on dangers of abusing illicit drugs as well as their role in fighting the vice.
Similar awareness campaign was also extended to students of IBB, College Foundation Sina Gerard and ES Rutongo, all in Rulindo District.
In Kayonza District, members of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing (RYVCP) from University of Rwanda-College of Education Rukara campus engaged in human security activities including constructing houses of three disadvantaged families in Gahini Sector.
Thereafter, the youth, who were joined by police and local leaders engaged residents of Gahini in discussions related to fighting illicit drugs and protecting the young people from abusing drugs

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