Kamya Leading Museveni into a Political Ditch-Rev.Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda

Rev.Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda has revealed that Minister of Kampala Betty Kamya is about to succeed in leading president Museveni into a political ditch.

Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda told the press today afternoon at a briefing held at Kirigime guest house that the minister in charge of Kampala has started Usurping the powers of leaders in Kampala to the extent of authoring a budget without their in put.

Gaetano says that president Museveni has failed to understand that Kamya is only working hard to gain cheap popularity and favors from the president so that she can regain the trust and also clean the damage she could have caused while she was still in opposition.

Gaetano says that the minister who has failed to deliver in Kampala has now exposed how greedy she is by pushing for the expansion of the boundaries of the city to include Mukono,wakiso and Entebbe Municipalities.

Gaetano who also doubles as the chairperson of Kick corruption out of Uganda says that deploying Betty Kamya as the Minister in charge of Kampala was the worst decision ever made by president Museveni and should be addressed to check further damage.

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