Un Identified Animal Kills Goats and Sheep in Ibanda

Un identified wild animal kills goats, sheep in


Residents of Rwemengo II Rwengwe Parish Kikyenkye Sub- County Ibanda District are up to now in a black Monday after finding their domestic animals
like goats and sheep killed.

Sources say there is unidentified wild animal in the area that comes
during the night, kills domestic animals, sucks blood and leaves their
fresh dumped in the nearest source of water (well).

This has remained a burning issue in the area and it was to their
surprise this morning after finding six goats belonging to Mr. Benard
Muhirwooha being killed in the same way.

They are appealing to the authorities especially Police to give a hand
in identifying and killing the animal since it has affected their
household income.

Pelle Atusasiire the LCI Chairperson for Rwemengo II said they are
still confused but asked for cooperation among the residents and
police as well so they can overcome the situation.

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