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Minster Aidah Nantaba Concerned by Labor Export to the Middle East

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By Racheal Nakassi


The state minister for ICT Aidah Nantaba has attacked the ministry of Gender, labour and social development for its continued support of exporting the youths for labor in the Arab countries.

Nantaba notes that through continued award of licenses to companies that export youths, this has exposed many to dehumanizing jobs and others have lost their lives in the process.

This as the ICT ministry yesterday disbursed off 2.5bn shillings to 12 different ICT innovative teams as government support in promoting local ICT talent that can be used in transforming the country
Citing the youth capital venture fund that was meant to support youth in creating employment opportunities, Nantaba says the venture under ministry of Gender failed to raise any successful results as the money was swindled by big officials in government.

She says ministry of Gender would use such youth programs to encourage youths start own jobs than letting them for risky jobs abroad.

Meanwhile, the Minister for ICT Frank Tumwebaze notes its time for Uganda to stop being importers and consumers of foreign applications hence support its own that eventually results in developing the economy and creating jobs.
The ICT innovators that have been economically supported have developed software and applications in the sectors of education, agriculture, health and finance of which have been tested to be resourceful to the nation.
The government support for innovative ICT concepts will continue every year.