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Ugandans Must Dialogue Beyond Politics-Inter -Religious Council

By APN Reporter

The inter-religious Council says that dialogue in Uganda must go beyond politics and ensure that Ugandans share knowledge and agree on issues that are beyond politicking.

According to Joshua Kitakure the inter-religious council secretary general, Ugandans have several pertinent issues that need urgent attention and must come together and forge a way forward.
Kitakure who was on Tuesday afternoon speaking at the National Diologue Champions meeting for the Kigezi sub region at Riverside Hotel in Rukungiri revealed that the council is championing a cause to avail a neutral platform that will enable Ugandans from different political parties,religious affiliations among other differences to come together and ensure that they work out plans and strategies for better Uganda.
Speaking during the same Meeting, Kabale central Division Chairperson Sam Arinaitwe revealed that the country’s biggest challenge is the failure by the top leadership to utilize the lower units of leadership.
Arinaitwe who gave the example of the decision by president Museveni to donate items and cash worth 5 billion shillings to groups in Rukungiri, said that the president has gone a head to over look the laid out structures and instead resorted to creating a perception that all leaders have failed to deliver apart from him.
Arinaitwe who is a member of the NRM says that the president must start following the laid out local government structures and also ensure that there is a clear policy on how money is issued out .
Rev. Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda revealed that the challenge is that Ugandan leaders have failed to put the country first and instead resorted to fulfill their personal interests.
Gaetano says that the president has resorted to bribing voters in south western district of Rukungiri instead of focusing on availing public goods such as health facilities.
Gaetano says that the district lacks a district hospital arguing that the money should have instead been channeled to the health sector if at all the president wanted the money to be spent in Rukungiri district.
He further questions the procedure used by the president and his team to identify the beneficiaries of the donation.

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