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AU Assesses Uganda Police Unit

By APN Reporter


Officers from the African Union Headquarters in AdisAbaba have today assessed 188 Formed Police Officers (FP7) from the Uganda Police Force.

The assessed officers have been on a six months course at Kabalye Police Training School in Masindi District.
Speaking during the assessment, Remi Adeoye, the head of delegation from the AU said he was happy and impressed with training that the officers showcased.

“We have been coming for this exercise. We are happy for the high standards of training by the Uganda Police. Particularly, we are impressed with the high level of discipline exhibited by the personnel, their commitment, dedication to training and perseverance.

From our evaluation and assessment, we have found the unit to be operationally capable to undertake high risk operations in challenging environment,” he said.

Adeoye added that: “This unit has exhibited such high standard that is above more than what we have seen previously. This shows that they continue to improve on standards especially in training. We are very proud of the performance.”

Grace Turyagumanawe, the director Peace Support Operations in the Uganda Police in his address urged the officers to maintain the discipline when they go to serve in the AMISOM.

“Continue with the discipline and take the information given to you during your training seriously. Mission requires high level of discipline, adhere to advice and instructions, you always be above the enemy and we shall achieve the success there, “AIGP Turyamunawe said.

The officers drawn for the departments of Counter Terrorism, Field Force Unit, Logistics and Engineering and Medical among others were assessed and evaluated in areas of English ( for the commanders), command exercises, and the general range exercises that include shooting of heavy weapons.

Formed Police Unit which is now ready for mission is a coercive force that gives security in AMISOM with the core duty of public order management, giving security to UN/AU facilities and building personnel capacity of the Somali police, maintaining peace in mission areas, hostage rescue and escort of VIPs.

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