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Museveni,Muhwezi Trading Baseless Accusations Over Rukungiri By-Elections Win-Fr.Gaetano

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By APN Reporter


Rev.Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda the Kitanga Parish Priest also the chairperson of the inter-religious leaders has hit at president Yoweri Museveni and Rukungiri National Resistance Movement –Party chairperson Jim Muhwezi for what he referred to as trading baseless accusations.

Gaetano Who was speaking to our reporter at his office in Rukiga district revealed that the president and Jim Muhwezi are only trying to cover the shame that the people of Rukungiri subjected them to and rejecting monetization of the elections to compromise the voters.

The remarks of the man of God come barely days after president Museveni and Jim Muhwezi accused Anglican and Catholic priests of working hard to divide voters in the district along religious lines.

The remarks has however angered the man of God who also doubles as the chairperson of the inter-religious Council for Kigezi sub region told our reporter that the president and his team should keep the priests out of their confusion.

Gaetano says that the president Museveni should rather accept and understand that the people of Uganda are fed with the current situation.
Cue in…….

Gaetano further hit at the president over claims that NRM voters were intimidated. Batanyenda further revealed that president alleges that the intimidation propagated by people from others areas outside Rukungiri determined the results referring to it as a wastage of time and trying to make it public that he has resorted to take the Ugandans for granted.

Batanyenda adds that the president’s remarks describing non Rukungiri residents as hooligans is un palatable and that all parties had their supporters from other district descending on Rukungiri to support their candidates.
Batanyenda adds that who went travelled to Rukungiri but not a born of the area, the president should describe that person as hooligan.

He goes ahead to blame president Museveni for personalizing the operation wealth creation and making it selective.

Batanyenda further reveals that the president is making it clear that the government funded program will only be focused on supporting and improving the income of those the National Resistance Movement –Party is targeting to achieve it is own selfish interests.

Batanyenda revealed that the president Museveni should now work towards accepting that his party lost the Rukungiri by-elections and focus on other issues and strategies to win back the support of the people.

On the issue divisions between the leaders of the National Resistance Movement in Rukungiri, Batanyenda revealed that a divided party cannot stand firm and that president and other leaders should go back to the drawing board and sort out their internal challenges.
Batanyenda adds that if all the divisions were responsible for the loss, Jim Muhwezi has been a leader and NRM chairperson since 1986 and that losing a parliamentary seat in 2016 was a clear signal that he had lost popularity and was no longer marketable in the South Western district of Rukungiri.
The man of God says that the president and other party leaders should allow democracy to prevail starting from their party and then replicate it at the national level.

Below is a statement by president Museveni on Rukungiri By-Elections

I congratulate the NRM mobilisers in Rukungiri District for the good work they did in the elections of Woman MP yesterday.

Inspite of the divisions among the NRM leaders and attempts to use religion (Catholics vs Protestants) and tribe (Bakiga vs Bahororo-Banyakore), Hon Masiko Winifred won in 114 polling stations out of the total of 280, albeit sometimes, with less majority than before.

Due to the weakness on the side of the police and the NRM leaders, I also hear that there was intimidation of voters by hooligans from Kampala and other areas. I salute those who defied those odds and voted for the NRM.

My programmes of wealth creation for the masses, especially the youth, will continue. Some of those groups helped in winning some parts of the municipality.

Winning in the big sub-counties of Nyakishenyi and Nyarushanje is on account of the steadfastness of our supporters inspite of the confusion among the leaders.

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