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Five Pakistanis Arrested Over Forged Documents

APN Reporter

Police in Kisoro are having in detention five Pakistanis and one Ugandan over possession of forged documents.

According to Elly Maate, the Kigezi regional police spokesperson, the suspected were arrested on 03/06/18 at around 10:30 at Musanze boarder of Rwanda heading to Goma Congo having exited through Kyanika.

Those arrested are Sarwar Muhammad, Khalil Mohammad, Bashir Mohammad, Haroop Umar, Mohamood Asif and a Ugandan Coston Yosia Winene.

After proper scrutiny of their presented suspected forged resident permits, that’s when they were arrested by immigration and later handed over to police.

Maate says that they were charged with uttering false documents and that arrangements are underway to have them transferred from Kisoro to Kampala.

The case is registered under reference number CRB 516/2018 of Kisoro police station.

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